Write the definition of communication || What are the different types of communication?

Communication is the process of exchanging information, news, ideas, etc. with somebody. It is an activity of sharing one’s ideas, thought, feelings, etc. with other people. To communicate is to make your ideas, thoughts feelings etc. known to other people so that they understand them.

What are the different types of communication

The different types of communication are as follows:
(i) Formal Communication The communication in the job/business circle is called formal communication.
(ii) Informal Communication The communication with friends and relatives is called informal communication.
(iii) Verbal Communication The communication in which we use words (language) is called verbal communication.
(iv) Non-verbal Communication The communication in which we use our body language and other things to communicate with people is called non-verbal communication. (v) Internal Communication The communication which takes place within a circle, group, institute, organization is called internal communication. (vi) External Communication When employees  an organization communicate with the employees of any outside organizations then it is termed as external communication.

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